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Because we are now a group the rules have changed a lot!please read carefully all the rules before doing anything else!

:-?How to join-now you have the option to be a member or just to add the group on your devWatch. if you are a member you can contribute to the gallery with your work of art.if you only add the group to your devWatch you dont have this right.

:gallery:-every member can submit 1(one) deviation/week.please respect this!because the group is small i don`t need another admin for now(maybe later) so i`ll be the one judging if your deviation is fit for the gallery.i think it`s time to accept in the gallery works that really deserve it. i`ll try to be as objective as possible.if you think that my decision was not fair please try to find the answer yourself.if no, write me a note and i`ll try to explain you my reasons.but FIRST you have to be the judge of your own work!if you consider it is worth being in the gallery.
i would like almost all the deviations you contribute with to be sea related, but it`s not a rule!

:-?Announcements-if anyone has something to announce, a contest, an event that`s happening in your town, anything, please let me know trough a note and i`ll make it public!

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December 26, 2009


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